“Tax season went very well- extremely crazy busy, which is good, and definitely more efficient using VohCom Page software..... I believe that this software is the biggest reason for my 30% increase in gross revenue (though I did raise prices as well) as there were no missed invoices, and time was accounted for.”

Ashley Pederson, Freedom Business & Tax Centre

“We have gained enormous efficiencies and provided instant access to all documents, front to back, for any and all engagements. We see Page as the backbone of our electronic office, which ties all else together...We would recommend your program to any accounting office no matter how large or small.”

Gregory Buck, CPA-CA Key Accounting Group

“We have been using VohCom Page for five years and are amazed by the efficiency it provides myself and our staff — including administration, accounting and management. Our firm's revenues have increased at least 12.5-15 percent as a result of Page's powerful features. Page has been instrumental in enabling our firm to effectively meet critical deadlines. We highly recommend this Practice Management application.”

Tonja Horne, BBA CPA-CA


Organize your digital files and get rid of your paper. With Page, you will never lose a file again!

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With dynamic workflow you will collaborate, communicate and complete work faster.

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time tracking

Page automatically tracks time on each engagement, simplifying time and billing.

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Practice Management reporting and tools which are powerful, flexible and easy to use.

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Accelerate your workflow and save time tracking time!


Intuitive Layout

Page organizes files, client information and workflow into engagement based structure which allows you to quickly access any information you need. Its intuitive engagement based structure makes lost files and missed deadlines a thing of the past.


Minimize Your Software Investment

VohCom Page gives you all the tools you need to manage your practice, accelerate workflow and accurately track time.

Billing Your Way

Whether you charge a flat fee or bill by the second, Page makes it as easy to bill on a monthly basis as at the end of the job.

Enhanced Security

Security is a key concern for every enterprise or personal tax client. vShare is seamlessly integrated into VohCom Page to provide an easy, secure way to send and receive electronic files to and from your clients.


Manage your engagements and practice more efficiently!

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