History of VohCom Page

The VohCom Page system was born out of necessity to meet the needs of Vohora & Company Chartered Accountants. Our journey began when Praveen Vohora, CA and owner of Vohora & Company and John Whitmore, MCSE MCDBA CompTIA A+, sat down over coffee to discuss the status of the software and technology infrastructure of Vohora & Company. This was in fact a job interview; Vohora & Company required a new Systems Administrator, and John was looking for a position that would be a good stepping stone. Now, with Page, we have achieved much more than we ever could have expected in May 2001.

The VohCom Page Dynamic Workflow engine has been handling real world situations since July 2003; without any reason to change it. We have added many features and continue to add value. The VohCom Page System is a true platform – there is no end point in sight. As exciting as Page is, there are some even more exciting plans for its ongoing development.

John Whitmore, VohCom Page – Architect & Developer – Founder

John had a rich and diverse background in business, industry, and government. His experience in various roles and positions, combined with his sometimes unique methodology toward system analysis and problem solving, came together in creating the feature rich, robust and flexible engine that forms the core framework of VohCom Page. From the time the software became a concept, John’s world revolved around VohCom Page and its development.

John loved spending time programming and experimenting with new ideas and was completely at home locked in a back room with his computer. During the past several years, John emerged from the pure back room affiliation and engaged in the equally challenging duties and tasks of building and managing VohCom Software Inc. and promoting VohCom Page. John’s creativity and drive are what made VohCom Page possible, and his spirit and passion will always be present at VohCom Software Inc.

Praveen Vohora, CA – Founder

Praveen K. Vohora was born in Tanzania, Africa and obtained his C.A. designation in England. His varied background in audits of both large private companies and public bodies together with his keen interest in microcomputer consulting enables the firm to provide a full range of services within the accounting field. Praveen has served as a member of the Practice Review Licensing Committee with the BC Institute of Chartered Accountants as well as on the Auditor Certification Board this board approves applications from CMA’s and other accountants who are not members of a professional association. He has been a Director for Ridley Terminals Inc., The New World Port and is a past President of the Prince Rupert Rotary Club. Praveen has an extensive background in public body audits, such as Municipalities, Regional Districts, Hospitals, Health Councils, and School Districts. He understands the needs of his clients and has helped numerous clients with business reorganizations, obtaining new financing, estate planning, acquiring new businesses and assisting with the sale of their business. Praveen has also, in recent years become an expert in the preparation of Immigration Applications, assisting many people with their applications as well as aiding them in the Immigration Appeal process.

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