Practice management

From file intake to invoicing and receipting, VohCom Page provides your practice the tools it needs to accelerate workflow and accurately track time. With project management and business reporting combined with workflow and automated time and billing, you’ll accelerate your practice while minimizing your software investment.

Document management

Page allows your firm to get rid of your paper files and organizes your digital files so they’re easily accessible and never lost. The engagement-based structure they’re organized in is intuitive and easy to use.

Page doesn’t just organize your files – you’ll be able to send files as work to your staff and clients with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you need to send sensitive files or information it can be done through a secure file sharing portal.

Workflow and communication

Page lets you move and track work, understand job status at a glance, and always keeps you aware of personal and critical deadlines. In Page, workflow and communication go hand-in-hand. Notes and billing messages regarding the engagement, as well client communications, are easy to log and always available for review.

Automated time tracking and billing

Page automatically tracks time spent in an engagement, automating your time and billing process and ensuring it’s accurate. Time entries are populated automatically, and can be verified and edited with just a few clicks. Accurate time keeping leads to quick and easy billing. Whether you’re progress billing or billing once a year, you’ll be able to generate and send the invoice as soon as your work is done.

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Accelerate Workflow

Vohcom Page gives you the tools you need to manage your practice, track deadlines and quickly understand the status of every engagement. Your enterprise will be more efficient than ever.


Easy tracking

Page allows you to define the action points for any engagement or task and ensures work, communication and documents flow smoothly in order to be completed on time. Don't forget a deadline or lose time with manual action tracking anymore.



You’ll never ask, “where’s the file?” ever again – digital documents, emails and internal communication are easy to save and quickly available.



Automated Time Tracking with Page ensures accurate time keeping and quick and easy billing. As time is automatically captured while work is being done, under-billing and missed time entries become a thing of the past.

Annual Licensing

Pricing is determined by the number of users using the software and is calculated to provide multiple user discounts. Annual license fees include all updates – no additional fees apply for new versions or their installation and setup.

Licenses Annual Fee Installation and Training
1 $425 $1,000
5 $2,125 $1,500
10 $4,200 $2,125
15 $6,300 $2,750
20 $9,300 $3,375
25 $10,375 $4,000

vShare Pricing (Optional)

vShare is integrated into VohCom Page and can be activated to provide an easy, secure way to send and receive electronic files to and from your clients. In addition, vShare automatically notifies you when files have been downloaded, uploaded, or deleted.

Licenses Monthly Fee Annual Fee
1 $29.95 $359.45
2-5 $39.95 $439.45
5-10 $69.95 $755.45
10-15 $99.95 $1,079.45
15-20 $139.95 $1,511.45

Installation and Training

Initial purchase is subject to an additional one-time charge for installation, setup and staff training. This includes a complete installation and setup, data migration, and the initial configuration of your database and administration system.
Staff training is tailored to your firms needs and is provided over two days. Typically, technical staff members require three to four hours training to become productive using the program while administration staff members require more in-depth training. We will also provide a session for your IT (Information Technology) staff. Training may be offered in-house or via a webinar depending on geographic location of the subscriber.
Please contact us to discuss topics and cost of further training sessions.

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