Practice Management and Project Management

VohCom Page gives you the tools you need to manage your practice, track deadlines and quickly understand the status of every engagement. Its practice management analytics and reporting are powerful, flexible and easy to use; client information is available with a single click; and job progress can be understood at a glance.

Intuitive, Engagement-based Structure

Page organizes files, client information and workflow into engagement based structure which allows you to quickly access any information you need, when you need it. With everything you need in a space that’s easy to navigate you’ll be able to take control of your practice while efficiently providing support and advice to staff and clients.

Workflow and communication

Page allows you to define the action points for any engagement or task and ensures work, communication and documents flow smoothly in order to be completed on time. Page gives you the perfect interface for sending work and documents, and for tracking progress and deadlines.

Document Management

Page ensures that files are organized and available, and never lost. Page organizes all digital files and information associated with an engagement in its intuitive engagement-based structure. You’ll never ask, “where’s the file?” ever again – digital documents, emails and internal communication are easy to save and quickly available.

Client Information and Customer Relationship Management

Understanding clients and client relations are essential to the success of any accounting practice. With Page, all the client information you require – from names, contacts, and addresses to corporate and legal relationships – are organized and available for quick review. In addition, all phone calls, e-mails and billing information are tracked and always accounted for.

Billing and Invoicing

Whether you charge a flat fee or bill by the second, Page makes it as easy to bill on a monthly basis as at the end of the job. Detailed billing information is tracked and available if needed, and payment and productivity status can be understood at a glance.

Automated Time Tracking

Automated Time Tracking with Page ensures accurate time keeping and quick and easy billing. As time is automatically captured while work is being done, under-billing and missed time entries become a thing of the past. Non-billable time is automatically captured as well, taking the guess work out of overhead planning.

vShare: Secure File Transfer

vShare is seamlessly integrated into VohCom Page to provide an easy, secure way to send and receive electronic files to and from your clients. In addition, vShare automatically notifies you when files have been downloaded, uploaded, or deleted.