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Manage Your Practice Better

The industry’s leading accounting practice management software.

Practice Management

All the tools you need to analyze and improve your practice. Over 80 reports for period end, sales, WIP and clients.

Dynamic Workflow

From intake to invoicing, work flows through your practice faster than ever before.

Automatic Time Tracking

Time is tracked automatically to every engagement making underbilling a thing of the past.

Document Management

With all files organized into an engagement-base structure you’ll never ask “Where’s the file?” ever again.

Task Management

Assign and track tasks. Report on engagement progress, identify roadblocks and better manage deadlines and productivity.

Client Information and CRM

Everything you need to know about your clients, the communications you have had and the work you have done for them is organized and readily available.

Billing and Invoicing

Whether you charge a flat fee or bill by the second, Page makes it as easy to invoice on a monthly basis as at the end of the job.

Secure File Sharing

Save time sending and saving files with integrated secure file sharing. Our security protocol exceeds the requirements of regulatory bodies.

Microsoft Office Integration

Key integrations with Microsoft Office streamline the creation and saving of emails, Word and Excel files.

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